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2013 Winter Walk

End Homelessness One Step at a Time

It's about raising awareness of the issue of homelessness and raising funds to help solve the problem. It's about walking in the cold, and feeling some of the hardship that over 6,000 people in Greater Boston feel every day as they walk our winter streets looking for shelter.

Did you know that the BEST way to end homlessness is to prevent it? Preventing homelessness by helping a family or elderly person stay in their own home is not just the right thng to do - it's the fiscally responsible thing to do as well. $572 can keep a family or senior in their home this winter. If that person or family becomes homeless, it will cost taxpayers $30,000 to shelter them.

Support Winter Walk and help families and individuals stay out of the cold this winter. Funds raised will benefit HomeStart and Hearth, two Boston-based non-profits dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness.